Boundary Waters Series

hand-dyed wool, linen warp, ikat technique 55h x 30w 2010 Inspired by the remote wilderness area in northern Minnesota.  This series is an abstraction of the quintessential experiences of the wilderness.

Wilderness Series

hand-dyed wool, linen warp tapestry 63h x 38w 2010 The visitor to the Boundary Waters Canoe Area travels by canoe and brings only what can be carried in a backpack.  This simplified palette and design remind me to travel light and live unencumbered.

River Stones
Urban + Wilderness

Cotton, Weft Ikat technique 40hx28w 2011 $950 This exploration contrasts the opposing experiences of wilderness and urban; intense blue water and linear gray in the city.

Northern Lights
Urban + Wilderness

Cotton, Weft Ikat technique 20h x 19w 2011 $500 The soothing call of night time in the wilderness contrasts with the geometry of city living.

Urban + Wilderness

Cotton, Weft Ikat technique 20h x 18w 2011 $400 The colors are of the soil, the trees, and campsite that feel like home in contrast with the geometry of my calendar and chaos when in the city.

Welcome to WOVENtranslations

Hi!  I’m Mary Kircher, a fiber artist specializing in unique, hand-dyed woven artwork and wearables. My woven work translates imagery – photos, inspirations – off the two-dimensional grid and captures the essence of place or experience.  I’m inspired by many things, often the wilderness, but continue to find new patterns or colors that define my […]

The Storm
Wilderness Series

Cotton, woven shibori technique 57h x 46w 2011 $2100 The flash of lightening through the windows reflected a blue-green sky and silhouette of the trees.  Also inspired by kente strip cloth.

Windows Series

Double ikat, double weave technique Cotton 47h x 46w 2010 SOLD The window frames, real and devised, affect the way we see the world. Windows captures the light interplay through the trees.  

Crop Circles
Windows Series

Double ikat, weft float technique Cotton 36h x 36w 2010 Crop Circles was inspired by the patterns as seen from an airplane window.

Sunset Series
Windows Series

Double ikat, double weave technique Cotton 24h x 74w 2010 $2700 Using both double ikat and double weave technique, Sunset Series integrates the window grid into the setting sun.


Cotton, Woven Shibori technique 20h x 90w 2011 Woven shibori process is used to create beautifully patterned wraps and scarves.  

Early Work

Wool, Linen Krokbragd technique 60h x 38w The rich wool colors give classic rug designs a contemporary look.  

Coastal Spirit
Early Work

Cotton warp, cotton fabric 60h x 28 Rag rugs allowed me to play with color and composition for my functional artwork.