Ellipse | Eclipse

This series is an exploration on many levels.  Through my medium of dyeing and weaving, I have been striving to relay the essence of an object or place by developing evocative compositions that draw the viewer in. I’ve tapped this idea on and off for several years as seen in my early Boundary Waters series and in the Passages piece.  With fortunate happenstance, at a recent workshop with Mary Zicafoose, tapestry artist, I learned how to make curves using ikat. In addition, I challenged myself to explore many dimensions of the ellipse and how to represent that in a coherent series of work. You will see these ikat ellipses are getting larger and filling the woven canvas.    The Ellipse|Eclipse series has been one of my most joyful and inspiring endeavors.   All of these pieces are created from hand-dyed wool and linen, materials that I haven’t used in several years.