I love the idea of being able to wear art – my own and that of other artists. My collection of wraps and scarves are created using the woven shibori technique. These pieces start out as white yarn. I hand weave the scarf, placing pattern threads as I weave. The long rectangle of fabric is removed from the loom and painted with base colors of dye. Then, I pull the pattern threads very, very tightly. This is called a “resist process” similar to tie-dye where parts of the fabric resist the dye because the pattern treads are tied so tight. The fabric is dyed again, inserting dye and removing a little bit of the base colors. When I clip the resist threads, the surprise of the dyes reveals an exciting color combination.

These scarves are made of cotton and tencel yarns. Caring for these scarves and wraps is easy. Gently wash by hand in cold water. Roll the scarf in clean towel and press hard to remove excess water. Hang to dry. Press with a warm, not hot, iron if necessary.

Please contact me if you are interested in a custom-made scarf of your own or check out my WOVENtranslations shop on ETSY.