Convergence 2012

Convergence is a bi-annual national/interneational conference for weavers, dye-ers, spinners, textile artists.  I was selected as a Student Assistant to participate at this gathering of people who love making anything fiber related. It was held in Long Beach, California July 17 – 21. My motivation for going was to participate in two workshops, led by […]

Magic is happening in the woven shibori class

  We just completed our fourth week of weaving and dyeing last night.  The beautiful surprises that come with Woven Shibori are revealing themselves. In the previous weeks, we used fiber reactive dyes for the first and second rounds of dyeing. While the colors are spectacular, the price we pay is rinsing and more rinsing. […]

Woven Shibori Class: June 5 – July 19

Pullen Shibori samples

I am offering a woven shibori class at Pullen Art Center.  This is the technique I use to make scarves and wall pieces such as “The Storm”. Pullen Art Center has a weaving studio with pre-warped floor looms so we won’t be spending time setting up looms.  Rather, the looms are full of white cotton […]

New work at First Friday, Raleigh in April

Woven Shibori Scarfs

Fresh off the loom, a new series of woven shibori scarves.  These scarves are 100% cotton and each has a unique pattern. Woven Shibori is similar to tie-dye, however instead of using rubber bands to create the pattern, I make the pattern while weaving the scarf.  These scarves start with white yarn.  I weave 1/4″ […]