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Cotton, Weft-face structure and coiling techniques 14h x 12w 2012 320.00 sold   As the smoke rose into the sky, an ashy golden gray filtered the sunlight.  The water reflected strange blue and tans while the trees were tinged with flames.        

Autumn Colors Ikat v1 is off the loom

I just cut off the first version of Autumn Colors Ikat (pronounced ee-kot).  Here’s a preview to satisfy your curiousity.   This series of ikat was inspired by our gorgeous fall colors in 2011.  The trees around Raleigh were absolutely brilliant last fall.  My friend Jenny captured the colors and I have used this photo to […]

Autumn Colors Ikat

I have started a new weft-faced ikat project.  Ikat is a process where the yarn is dyed, in a pattern, before it is woven.  Once the weaving starts, a the pattern emerges.  Weft-faced ikat is all about color placement.  No warp yarns are exposed (remember, the warp is the long threads on the loom).  This […]